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Activation - don't worry it's just another fancy word for online marketing

- traffic, traffic, traffic... you need the right traffic!

What is your goal?

It’s always the first thing we ask our clients when we talk about Activation…


SEO is a combination of many different parameters that make your website rank higher on search engines.

At Checkmate we analyze which keywords will provide value for your brand and services. Next, these keywords must be enabled in the content of your website.


Social media is an important component of any company’s marketing strategy.

A strong social media presence is based on brand loyalty.

When you engage and interact on social media, you become less like a “cold company” and more like what you really are – a group of people who share a vision, service or product.


If you do it right, advertising on social media will boost your business.

One of the reasons why social media has become so important for marketing is the ability to target your message direct to your audience through sponsored campaigns.

Email marketing

When it comes to transforming people into members or customers, email marketing is an awesome tool.

In email marketing, you segment your audience into different lists, allowing you to send tailor-made emails that ultimately provide value to your recipient.

Tracking, tracking, tracking...

It all sounds great, but the most important thing is your ROI.

All the above services are meaningless without talking about benchmarks, past performance and goals.

Therefore, Checkmate always ensures that all data is collected from your activation – this gives you transparency and evidence of the value of our work.

Checkmate Digitalt Bureau