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mobile first

fastness (that's what she said)

...and chess

why not
the best?

28% of the internet is quite a lot

We think it’s pretty cool to power 28% of the internet’s websites. WordPress is by far the most popular CMS – and we just loooove it. We build custom themes and functions for clients with all sorts of needs.

It is important for us that our clients get an end product that is easy, intuitive and not least fun to work with.

got anything to sell?
don’t we all?

We enjoy to build succesful webshops that makes our clients happy (and rich). On a WordPress core we turn up the heat with the WooCommerce extention and BOOM you got yourself an awesome webshop! Now start selling.

you have a place (in our hearts)

It’s not that fun to have a cool website but with no visitors. Millions and millions of people use search engines every day to find websites – why shouldn’t yours be shown if your service or brand is relevant?

Let’s talk about how to get you up on that Google result list and tell people how awesome your website is.

forest gump on doping, speed and caffeine

Google has announced that it’s going to slap your website if it’s not optimized for mobile devices. We don’t like slapping… or do we? Anyway.. That’s why Checkmate designs and develops full-responsive websites that runs on mobile like Forest Gump on doping, speed and caffeine.

let’s call it slow-limit

What is fastness? At Checkmate we believe that fastness is more than just speed. It’s important to have a fast well performing website. But it’s also the way we work.

We don’t think there is or should be any speed limit to creating awesome websites. Quite the opposite. Let’s call it slow-limit.

1. e4 2. Nf3 3. Bb5 4. Ba4
5. O-O 6. Bb3

Of course we play chess. What kind of agency would we be with a name like “Checkmate”?! Our favorite opening is 1. e4 2. Nf3 3. Bb5 4. Ba4 5. O-O 6. Bb3.

If you play please drop by the office and let’s play a game and have a small glas of port.

Some of our dear

friends & clients

about checkmate

(boring headline, we know)

checkmate is a digital agency located in copenhagen with a wild passion for creating brilliant websites.

We believe that creating websites shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. Its all about working with people that knows everything there is to it. At Checkmate we are those people.

We might have a hard time fixing a broken toaster, changing a light bulb or even cooking an egg correctly – but that’s alright because that is not our call in life. Our call is to build the best digital solutions for your needs in the most simple process possible.

With Checkmate as your partner you get an agency that thinks websites from sunrise to sunset – maybe we even dream about websites… is that creepy?

…Anyway, let’s have a chat and talk about your business and how we together can put your digital challenges into checkmate.